Leah & Steven’s Southwestern Inspired Wedding!

I met Leah and Steve by way of their photographer, Carolina Lindsay. Leah and Steve are such a fun and chill couple. They were absolutely clear with me on how they wanted their wedding to feel.  At first, Leah described her vision as New Mexico, Southwestern, etc. I had an immediate image in my mind of colors and textures I wanted to make sure to include. I did a little homework and referenced South Western, Mexican, and even some Native American design to paint a clear picture. She and Steve are such individuals, and when she showed me her dress and other details, I really wanted to make sure that her flowers were representative of her personality on the day of her wedding.

Congratulations to Steve and Leah!

{Flowers include: Sunflowers, Garden Roses, Spray Roses, Celosia, Hanging Amaranthus, Godetia, Eryngium, Cacti & Succulents, Kangaroo Paw, and various greenery and herbs.}

1238309_626497050704096_1287177417_n 1238145_626496990704102_179076011_n 1236001_626497077370760_2009022233_n 1174553_626496220704179_39957189_n 1233547_626495210704280_137883083_n

Ce Petit Coeur Floral

Southwestern feel with lots of bold punches of color. Photography Credit to Carolina Lindsay Photography

Ce Petit Coeur Floral 1173752_626502450703556_1141485914_n


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