About Angie


Angie Miller
[photo taken by Meikel Reece]

I’m Angie Miller, your average 20-something girl. I love life with it’s ups and downs, my family, my husband and son, music, fitness, and fashion, nature, and all things beautiful. I live in Utah and have the rocky mountains sitting in my backyard.

Starting at one of my very first jobs in a floral shop, I loved the idea of working in a place where people came to buy pretty fresh and beautiful fresh flowers for their loved ones.

As I continued working with flowers and learning more, I began to realize my love for design. I’ve always had a knack for seeing things artistically and esthetically that, combined with my love for nature and its beauty, became something I knew I wanted to make a serious career for myself in the future. Now, nearly 8 years after first starting, floral design and the art of floristry has become a real passion of mine.

I have a thirst for learning and love being inspired by nature, art, fashion and by my fellow floral designers. I try my best to cultivate my own individual style and make something perfect for every occasion that my clients require. Got questions? Send them my way!


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