Garden Roses – A Love Affair

This girl came in and I can always tell when my consultations are going to be easy or difficult. Some brides need a lot of reassurance and lots of ideas. But Cat Taylor came in to me with her fiance and her best friend and had it all planned out. Note to all future brides: She had pictures of her dress and colors, descriptive words, and themes to tell me all about what she had envisioned. She wanted her June wedding to be cool, clean, refreshing, and classic. Her colors were yellow and grass green. She wanted for her bouquet to be mostly made up of different greenery with a few flowers. Her bridesmaids had bouquets solely made up of different greenery with no flowers which made this a very different and yes, FRESH, wedding for me to work on.


Groom’s Boutonniere



Yellow and Grass Green Bouquet

{peonies, garden roses, hypericum berry, pittsoporum, rosemary, italian and israeli ruscus, lily grass and bear grass}


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